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Matt Lavelle Trio - Spiritual Power

To sum:
Spirit hum hymn soul force vigor strength influence like looking up after being bit by a tiny little bug (nature's gift maybe) and seeing stars a one/two punch and then speaking in tongues as you channel all those uni/verses all those his/stories and her/stories building pyramids of love before end times come. Hey are you listening I will have love we will have love yes yes yes we can we can we can … now let's float down the large river of life then rest awhile though never closing our ears always listening to what approaches and baffles us with the knowledge that knowledge never ends like clarity let us go forth unarmed yet ready for everything with our perceptions and dreams always fine tuned true seekers riding straight through embraced and transformed like breath like mind senses honed in the pale/dark mountains rising between asleep and awake sailing alone together alone unafraid simultaneously through time and space eyes open like blind men searching the horizon of ideas for new secrets always understanding nothing – everything – sound being the center of learning…

Steve Dalachinsky
NYC 12/10/06

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