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Matt Lavelle - Cuica In The Third House

“I believe in the true magical power of this music we can heal, change and help the world we live in. I think a perfect example of this is William Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, which I believe has the power to quiet earthquakes, and calm tidal waves. I take inspiration from today’s living masters, like Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell, Steve Swell and Joe & Mat Maneri. True warriors of the art form, who keep the path brightly lit. I equally like playing in structured and free environments. Of course, being yourself is important too.”
So says Matt Lavelle, who with with Cuica In The Third House makes his solo debut. In the decade or so since his arrival on New York’s downtown scene, Matt has recorded with William Parker, Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter and Steve Swell, to name but a few. This past spring saw the release of Spiritual Power, a trio date led by Matt with bassist Hilliard Greene and drummer Mike ‘TA’ Thompson on the Swedish label Silkheart. Following on that release and 2006’s War Rug on KMB Jazz (recorded with the collective Eye Contact, comprised of Lavelle, drummer Ryan Sawyer and bassist Matt Heyner), Cuica In The Third House shows Lavelle expanding even further his musical palette, adding spoken word, overdubs and revealing his innermost thoughts through a complex series of dialogues that paints a very intimate portrait of an exceptional musician.

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