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Eye Contact - War Rug

"The studio debut from this NYC collective. Eye Contact is composed of Matt Lavelle, Matt Heyner and Ryan Sawyer. Their other endeavors include No Neck Blues Band, William Parker’s Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, Tall Firs, Steve Swell’s Slammin’ The Infinite, TEST, Ras Moshe’s Music Now! and Stars Like Fleas, but one should throw all assumptions about the players out the window. After two superb releases on Utech, War Rug presents three individuals who, freed from the usual contexts by the studio environment, have created a truly groundbreaking release. By scaling back the high intensity blowing sessions that defined the Utech releases, Eye Contact have succeeded in creating a new kind of improvisation, one that draws on elements of latin music, metal, punk and more to birth a totally unique record.

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