Trumpet Rising and Bass Clarinet Moon - AAJ

By Florence Wetzel, published on AAJ: December 6, 2004

Matt Lavelle is one of the bright lights in today's avant-garde jazz scene, his trumpet and bass clarinet exploding with passionate spirit and unwavering intent.

The Giuseppi Logan Quintet - AAJ

Review by Clifford Allen, published at All About Jazz, April 8, 2010

In terms of surprising musical rediscoveries, 2010 has started off rather auspiciously with the first recording of reedman and composer Giuseppi Logan in over 40 years.

Assif Tsahar's New York Underground Orchestra - The Labyrinth

"The labyrinth is infinite, encompassing all sound and movement throughout time. It's endless corridors sprawling across existence. Criss-crossing paths all leading to themseles as every moment is a beginning and and end.

Assif Tsahar's Zoanthropic Orchestra - Embracing The Void

The Zoanthropic Orchestra is a longer-standing ensemble than the string orchestra, and on Embracing the Void it shows a stronger hand from the composer. Tsahar's 60-minute suite is, as suggested by his liner notes, a sort of self-portrait in sound, drawing on auditory memories from his childhood to recent years.

Steve Swell's Unified Theory Of Sound - This Now!

"Building strength on ideals of tolerance, respect and peace, Swell's piece goes from strength to strength.

Prophecies Come To Pass - AAJ Review

Prophecies Come to Pass is the debut recording of Sabir Mateen’s compositions by his group The Shapes, Textures, and Sound Ensemble. Recorded live in Brooklyn in September 2005, the CD was edited by Mateen and Swell and mastered under Mateen’s direction. It's dedicated to the late great Raphe Malik, who at one time played with the group.

Steve Swell's Nation of We - Live at The Bowery Poetry Club

Swell expands his horizon on Live at the Bowery Poetry Club, featuring his Nation Of We big band, also known as the NOW Ensemble. The larger instrumental format provides room for three trumpets, four trombones, three altos, two tenors, two basses, piano and drums to fill the room with free action.

William Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra - For Percy Heath

Raw and exposed, For Percy Heath could almost be thought of like the Fletcher Henderson big band, a group notorious for its raw, untamed expression of swing, subplanted with the musical ideals of a modern composer and 70 years worth of musical exploration.

Eye Contact - War Rug

"The studio debut from this NYC collective. Eye Contact is composed of Matt Lavelle, Matt Heyner and Ryan Sawyer.

Matt Lavelle Trio - Spiritual Power

To sum:
Spirit hum hymn soul force vigor strength influence like looking up after being bit by a tiny little bug (nature's gift maybe) and seeing stars a one/two punch and then speaking in tongues as you channel all those uni/verses all those his/stories and her/stories building pyramids of love before end times come.

Matt Lavelle - Cuica In The Third House

“I believe in the true magical power of this music we can heal, change and help the world we live in. I think a perfect example of this is William Parker's Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, which I believe has the power to quiet earthquakes, and calm tidal waves.

Matt Lavelle/Barry Chabala - I Like To Play

Free Jazz trumpet and bass clarinet player Matt Lavelle (William Parker's LHCMO, Eye Contact, Stars Like Fleas) joins free improvising guitarist Barry Chabala on this great set of musical conversations recorded live to two-track in New York City.

Matt Lavelle and Morcilla - the Manifestation Drama

On Matt Lavelle's latest release as a leader, he takes the Latin-tinged quartet, Morcilla, into the stratosphere, melding strains of Ornette Coleman's lyricism with the most fiery of improvisations

With the Manifestation Drama, Lavelle's third release for KMB, Morcilla adventurously blends Latin rhythms and the

Handling The Moment - Review by Robert D. Rusch

Robert D. Rusch – March 5, 2002, CIMP 266

The first time that I can remember hearing Matt Lavelle (1970, Paterson, NJ) was, I believe, in November of 1999 when he sent me a demo tape.

Matt Lavelle/Daniel Carter - Blackwood

Daniel Carter & Matt Lavelle: the jazz legend of today meets the jazz legend of tomorrow. Beautiful, meditative music. This "conversation" between two friends is exactly what jazz duo playing is all about. A must have.

Eye Contact - Embracing The Tide

Among the highlights is the beautiful "2013," Lavelle wailing with open-hearted urgency and holding nothing back. His bass clarinet pours out lovely, lyrical runs as well as gritty blues and Middle Eastern flavor, all backed by the simmering, shimmering rhythm section.

Eye Contact - Making Eye Contact With God

The tour de force is "Eye Contact with God," a highly personal song where Lavelle marvels over his mother's recovery from her second brain surgery. The song travels the line between life and death, again invoking powers greater than our own.

Morcilla - the Manifestation Drama

  • Matt Lavelle - trumpet, flugelhorn, bass clarinet & compositions,
  • Andre Martinez - congas & cover paintings,
  • Francois Grillot on bass
  • Chris Forbes on piano.

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