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By Matt Lavelle Multi on Monday, August 10, 2009

The following interview has taken years to set up,...the major difficulty in getting jazz to stay in one place,..along with working with death's schedule,..which is almost impossible to work with. As suspected,..death is never late for work,..and there are times when he simply will be engaged elsewhere. In fact,..during this public discussion,.death was at times quite distracted,.and warned us that he may vanish if neccesary,..but that he would attempt to return as soon as possible. Death explained that he has the natural ability to be in thousands of places at one time,.and was really to busy to step away from what he calls.."his natural self",..but the chance to converse with jazz in this way was a special opportunity,..death also revealed he has a special place in his heart for jazz for "giving me so,so many gifts.".(death expressed this with an extremely rare show of emotion.).as for jazz,..he was restless,..and never made eye contact with death,..who looked directly at jazz the entire time without blinking.

the venue for the interview was the village vanguard,..thus there was a very small,and specialized list for in person attendees,..most notably,..charles "bird"
parker,clifford brown,eric dolphy,john coltrane,woody shaw,lee morgan,fats navarro,and charles mingus,masters on intimate terms with both jazz and death.seeing bird sitting with trane shook me up.LADY DAY was sitting with MILES.(i heard "prince of darkness" in the back of my mind.)

of special note was someone not invited,..the planet pluto.pluto invited himself,.and said it was his right to be there as a matter of natural law.pluto said nothing,..but his presence spoke volumes,..and allthough he seemed emotionless,..it is my opinion that he was actually really enjoying himself.he chose to represent himself in human form as someone that nobody knew,.but everybody felt.when he did speak,.he said he did not want to distract from the interview or be overly associated with death,..but it was impossible to not see them as brothers.oddly,..death and pluto never looked at or acknowledged each other.

there was clear tension in the room,..as some of the musicians had a genuine anger towards both death and pluto,.which had zero impact on either of them.death only looked at jazz,..however,..pluto did at times look at some of the musicians who stared at him,getting into a stare down with miles.the interview was slow to start until raphe malik sounded on jazz and death,..by saying,.."will you ******s get started allready?!"the interview then clearly shifted to a very personal discussion,where their mutual,co-dependant relationship was explored in detail.more dialouge than the planned interview,..which seemd more natural,..(one of deaths favorite words)

jazz: so,..dont you have something to say to me?

death: such as?

jazz: how about an apology ?

death: for what?

jazz: for what? what the hell is wrong with you? youre KILLING me man.

death :you are quite alive.I cant take you by yourself.your made up of a great deal of people,.and i dont want all of them,..yet.

jazz: yeah? well youve "taken" just about everything ive got.look around the room.

death: your not done yet.

jazz.: well how am i supposed to keep evolving without my creators?

death: find the others

jazz: theres others?

death: of course.do think i really want to end your life? i NEED you.

jazz: where are these "others".?

**at this point charles mingus spoke out,..clearly having issue with jazz.

Charles Mingus: man,..theres ALOT of people today that have lost their way.you need to stop letting people play with no SOUL.(miles,lee morgan,and woody shaw all showed strong agreement).

death: INDEED.if you would listen to yourself,..and stop listening to what everybody else says about you,..youll find them.of course,..there not ALL here.some of them arent born yet.for the most part,they are not who you might think they are.some of them need your help,..they spend to much time looking for me.

jazz: why would any of us do that.?

death: simple,.. your in love with me.

jazz:(a little shook) i dont think so.

death: think again jazz,..and take a hard look at yourself.take a REALLY,hard,honest look at yourself.

jazz: ....

death: some of your greatest creators,..many of the people in this room,..spent a GREAT deal of time and effort to DESTROY themselves.they wanted to BE with me,..no different than wanting to be with a LOVER.their MUSIC is what happened when they engaged in the most extreme transformation process available,..its what happens with people who want to create YOU,...dance,..with ME.you dont dance like that,..put your LIFE on the line like that,..play your LIFE through your music like that,..unless your in love with me.

jazz: that doesnt explain everybody man,..some of my people didnt destroy themselves,..and you took them anyway.

death: some of your people play a lifetime of music in a short span of time,..and are even able to leave a legacy in that short period.more often than not,..people like this have so much spiritual power that they are needed elsewhere.your friend clifford brown here,..it actually broke my heart to take him back so soon,..but i must follow natural law.however,..there can be no doubt,..his music will last an eternity.

jazz:(sigh,..looking away from death).i dont feel as close to you as i use to,..but ill admit,..i have,.."deep feelings" for you.

death: we need each other jazz,..but youve got to really change your perspective right now.I dont think its your fault actually,..some of the people your with now,..some of them spend all their time celebrating the masters of the past,..instead of embracing the masters of the now.I dont like it,..not at all,..and to be perfectly honest with you,....its UN-NATURAL.the transformation process has been slowed down,..because people are afraid to LIVE THEIR OWN LIVES,..do you really want me to get more involved? YOU CAN DANCE WITH ME WITHOUT DESTROYING YOURSELF IF YOU TRY.LEARN from what has happened up to this point.letting these people put you in museums,.
doesnt that make you feel uncomfortable? you MUST EVOLVE.heres the thing jazz,..I SAY WHEN ITS TIME FOR YOU TO END,..and for anyone in human form to decide when you started,and where you ended is of supreme ARROGANCE.dont listen to these people,..listen to yourself.BE WHO YOU ARE JAZZ,....be who you are.in other words jazz,...let me come to you,...you dont have to come to me,..and you should stop trying to SLEEP with me.of grave concern,..is the rampant mis-use of power and manipulation around you.pluto and I will be dealing with these people as their times allow,..but you must act NOW.for the record,..anyone using you as a front to advance there own personal agenda and play out their power dramas will be dealt with by pluto and myself,..you can trust in that beyond any and all doubt.youve got to see it around you,..let it go,..and move on.LIVE jazz.....LIVE.you are not at the mercy of those that say and act like they OWN you,..and seemingly have control over your destiny.FIND the others.you are not LOST.LIVE.dont get trapped in the love for someone elses music that you forget your own,..and man.once and for all,..if any one is a crypt-keeper its me,..and you got people writing eulogys for people that are still ALIVE.

jazz:....ok,...death,...for you,..ill do it.your right,..i have always been in love with you from the very start.

death: jazz,..the people here in this room believe in your ability to be true to yourself.

the interview over,..death and pluto left quickly and said nothing to anyone.I asked jazz what his next move was.

jazz said..."you could call it search and rescue,..ive got to find the new creators,.and fast".

and with that he was gone.

*the full interview and discussion will be made available at a later time.special thanks to raphe malik for letting me know this was going down,..and making my attendance possible.

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