Brilliant Corners

13-Aug-10 04:12

King Eric

When people hear music that touches their soul, you can usually see a reaction of some kind. Whenever I'm in a musical situation, I look to see who's feeling what's going down...
13-Aug-10 03:45

John Coltrane and the Great Choice to Be

I believe I have heard what may be one of the most important and defining moments in jazz history. For years now,.This live cut of Miles Davis with John Coltrane has haunted me. Many people have asked the question,."just what went down at the OLYMPIA anyway? In 1960,.Miles Davis had an incredible 21 or 22 day tour with his quintet in Europe,.playing EVERY night...
13-Aug-10 03:35


When someone asked Duke Ellington what he thought of the avant garde, he replied: "For the avant garde, I have Paul Gonsalves."
13-Aug-10 03:28

Jazz interviews Death

The following interview has taken years to set up,...the major difficulty in getting jazz to stay in one place,..along with working with death's schedule,..which is almost impossible to work with.
06-Aug-10 09:57

Giuseppi Logan's dream comes true

Forty Five years ago, yes FORTY FIVE years ago, Brother Giuseppi Logan's last record came out, called More Giuseppi Logan. It's hard to track down and I never heard it until I helped Giuseppi do an interview on WKCR sometime last year. Most people know about his prior record, with his song, Dance of Satan standing out.

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