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Morcilla - The Manifestation Drama

KMB 0018, 2009

  • Matt Lavelle - bass clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet;
  • Francois Grillot - bass;
  • Andre Martinez - percussion;
  • Chris Forbes - Piano.

Morcilla is a long term project that still exists. At first it was an attempt to merge Latin and free jazz, playing free. After Ornette, I wanted to document the project, but had to add my idea - use a great piano player, and continue my tunes as a core focus. Andre Martinez (with Cecil Taylor over 10 years) plays only congas, an attempt to give us a different sound. He’s the latin, and a free cat (and a painter!). Chris Forbes on piano is a good friend who gets NO play, so I wanted to give him some, and Francois is my first true musical brother since 1991. Francois and I met at Tower records, and ran a straight ahead jam session for a year. He’s been with me though it all.
I worked hard on the structure of a record. The songs are chapters in a story. Morcilla, the Manifestation Drama is meticulously planned. God Love Sex is a riff to set up the environment like we were playing free, what we were from 2002-2005. Synesthesia was all about my gift to show the colors I see associated with pitch, and to show I can play changes, challenging the notion that free guys cant hack it. The Manifestation drama comes right from Polish classical composer Henryk Gorecki, my favorite composer. Its all about birth, love, and death, mostly the pain I have suffered in being alone to learn, and to chase an impossible music dream.
It also states I’m creating my way to freedom by any means necessary.

Morcilla - Live at Brecht Forum

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