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Matt Lavelle Trio

Matt Lavelle Trio - Spiritual Power

Silkheart. Cat. No.: SHCD156

  • Matt Lavelle - trumpet, flugelhorn, bass-clarinet;
  • Hilliard Greene - bass;
  • Mike T.A. Thompson - drums.

Spiritual Power is my best work, and happened because I met Lars Gustavson, the label owner, at the Matt Shipp solo show at Tower records. He said to send him something, a rare opportunity. I pulled out all the stops. I lost a LOT of money, but got what I wanted, letting the international Jazz community know that I exist and that I’m a force to be reckoned with. (Silkheart is an international distributor of major players like Charles Gayle). Music wise, I also needed to prove that I could roll with the big dogs, and Hilliard Greene and Mike Thompson are very strong individuals that would push me to my best work. I wrote every tune, some very important me. Track 6 is for the only woman I really loved and lost, and track 7 was my FIRST tune. Track 2 was a line I came up with with a pop project I’m involved in called Stars Like Fleas, but I sped it way up and made it jazz. This record is filled with personal highlights, but I ask you to find yours and tell me what you find.

Spiritual Power is what the record was, catharsis of testimony of my very existence.

It worked, a magical coming together that puts records above the fray. I got great reviews worldwide, top ten list in the NYC Village Voice and I’m proud of the work what will be a definitive part of my work after I’m gone.

“Avant like it ought to be: sharp, shocking, bursting with creative ideas. Bassist Hilliard Greene and drummer Michael T.A. Thompson are worth tracking on their own, but Lavelle has a unique twist: playing three songs each on flugelhorn and bass clarinet, an unprecedented mix. His bass clarinet is utterly distinctive, its normal airiness choked down to short trumpet-like bursts. His native trumpet returns on one track, amid shouts of "Sí Se Puede." Right— they can.”
Tom Hull at the Village Voice

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