Matt Lavelle Trio

“Avant like it ought to be: sharp, shocking, bursting with creative ideas. Bassist Hilliard Greene and drummer Michael T.A. Thompson are worth tracking on their own, but Lavelle has a unique twist: playing three songs each on flugelhorn and bass clarinet, an unprecedented mix. His bass clarinet is utterly distinctive, its normal airiness choked down to short trumpet-like bursts. His native trumpet returns on one track, amid shouts of "Sí Se Puede." Right— they can.”

The Giuseppi Logan quartet

"The Giuseppi Logan quartet is a band I run for G,.who makes all the musical decisions and direction choices. It's his performance platform to in his own words,."Go Out Playing".


Morcilla is a long term project that still exists. At first it was an attempt to merge Latin and free jazz, playing free. After Ornette, I wanted to document the project, but had to add my idea - use a great piano player, and continue my tunes as a core focus.

Matt Lavelle - other bands

My unrecorded working bands are:

  • The Matt Lavelle Quartet (new);
  • Duo with Reed player Catherine Sikora;
  • I’m a member of Sabir Mateen’s OMNI-SOUND and Charles Downs CENTIPEDE.

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